Soaring to New Heights... Committed to Safer Skies Through Education!

Our Goals

• To reduce the accident and incident rate.

• To increase aviation safety through education.

• To increase partnership with industry organizations.



The National Aviation Safety Foundation is a support group whose objective is to enhance aviation safety through educational programs at designated facilities and locations. During the year we provide extensive support for projects, perform safety seminars, and provide a wide dissemination of safety related information to all interested parties.

Safety is Important Because...

The Foundation's area stretches throughout the nation. We are geographically large and operations-intensive. The NASF is concerned with the safety of thousands of airmen.

Our Programs Include Participation and Support for:

• AirVenture (EAA Oshkosh)

• ACE Program - Aerospace Center for Excellence

• Aviation Safety Seminars (FAA & Industry)

• Aviation Industry and Organization programs and events

• Balloon Federation of America

• Boy Scout Aviation Programs

• Civil Air Patrol Programs

• Deland Sport Aviation Showcase

• Experimental Aircraft Association (emphasis on EAA Young Eagles)

• FAA Safety program (emphasis on "Wings" Programs)

• FAASTeam Industry Member

• Florida Aviation Network

• Florida Department of Transportation Aviation Office

• Florida Department Of Tourism

• Florida Musicians Association, Inc.

• General Aviation Awards Program

• Grand Bahama Air Show

• Janet's Planet - Astronaut Academy

• Mercy Flight Southeast


• Plane Time (Live Aviation Maintenance Show)

• Ninety-Nines Women Pilots

• Soaring Society of America

• SUN ‘n FUN

• Triple Tree Fly-In

Look for Presentation on the Aviation Training Network (ATN), the Government Education Training Network (GETN),
the Florida Aviation Network, and the Dish Network.
Remote Broadcast Sun 'n Fun Radio / 1510AM, Sun 'n Fun Complex, Lakeland, FL